I can already tell I am very, very bad at blogging. But here are some pictures to keep you updated.

First are some shots of the Lowe family cruise during the first week of March. Talk about a good time! We stopped in Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta. And while we were on the boat we ate, laid around, ate, played cards, and ate.

In Cabo San Lucas we went ATVing. This is us in our Rhino ATV. You can tell from my thumbs up sign that we are very cool. Tyler's driving was truly frightening. And when I drove the Rhino I got in trouble with the tour guides. Woooee, I'm crazy!

Here's us with my Mom and Dad in Puerto Vallarta. I think this was our favorite place.

Then this last weekend (March 21, to be exact) we took Tyler's friend Nathan on a fishing trip for his bachelor party. Best bachelor party ever because the women-folk came along. We went to Eastpoint, a small town just before you hit beautiful St. George Island, about an hour and a half south-east of Tallahassee.

One of Tyler's many catfish...

And my yellow-mouth trout. Which the guide cast, hooked and set for me. But I reeled it in like nobody's business! And I did catch a couple of catfish. Slimy suckers.

Other than all that excitement, we're doing fine. I'm 18 weeks along now, and our appointment to find out the gender is April 8th. Anyone want to make bets?


  1. I think it's a girl! Little Lindy Lowe. What a nice ring that has to it!

  2. Little girl all the way (I know you want 50 of them, Debra).

  3. i think girl too... i really do.

  4. YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYES! You're blogging! I'm sending you an email right now. So excited you're pregnant, too! CONGRATS!!


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