My work printer does not care about my baby.

I've tried to scan the ultrasound pictures about 40 times and I can't make it work. I will either turn to (1) Kinkos or (2) Tyler, who is out of town until Saturday night. Until one of those entities saves the day, please enjoy the following.

This is me being tortured by my own husband, with my own camera.

The only reason I put up with such behavior is because he looks like this in a tuxedo. (His friend Nathan's on the left).

Check back after the weekend to see our baby!


  1. Still beautiful, even under torture, that's my sister! I need to do the nose review and I am anxious to do it! Get the ultrasounds on or something bad is gonna happen...

  2. what! i love your blog. it's like having you right here in my house with me. well, not exactly, but as close as it will get. can't wait to see the blurry baby pics! and deb...i love you cause your boobs are bigger than your baby bump!!


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