Simon Cowell is an idiot.

I'm a big American Idol fan this season. Usually I fast forward through Randy and Paula's (especially Paula's) comments to get to Simons because I agree with him the most (you have to admit that generally he's the most articulate of the three).

But he has sand in his ears when it comes to Carly Smithson. She doesn't get it perfect every time, but last night he was willfully, obstinately stupid about her.

Carly is awesome. She is not a stick figure, she doesn't have a perfect little nose and her tatoos are kind of icky. But could Simon please have a little respect for that voice? She totally nailed her performance of Dolly Parton's "Here You Come Again" last night. She was really, truly amazing. I told myself that if the judge's weren't falling all over her for it I was turning the stupid show off.

Randy and Paula fell all over her, Simon was wrong, wrong, wrong. He said it was just OK and that she needed to get someone to help her with her look (only meaner than that). Simon's problem with Carly is really simple: he doesn't want to sleep with her. As I recall, though, he had the same problem with another amazing vocalist, Kelly Clarkson. And she's the best selling Idol artist behind only Carrie Underwood.

Simon, whether or not you have a crush on an artist is not the perfect barometer of that artists's talent or marketability. So shut up about Carly. I'm siding with Randy and Paula. ForEVER.


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