Two weeks later, ultrasound pictures

It has been two weeks since our ultrasound. I have fought and struggled with my work printer, given the pictures to Tyler and taken them back, and fought and struggled with Gandy's Printing in Tallahassee. After many tears, frustration, and $21.50, I finally present pictures of our girl baby.

(Seriously, $21.50? To scan 4 pictures and burn them to an Office Depot CD? Do not take your business to Gandy's Printing on 1800 South Monroe Street, if you care about me at all).

But I will no longer let Gandy's and it's scary, grumpy front desk lady ruin my happiness. Here's our little girl.

If you look closely it seems like she's flashing some kind of gang sign. It makes me a little nervous.

I just like this one because the profile's really clear.

Power to the People.

Head-on picture of her face. It's a little scary. But I am confident she will be less alien-like in real life.


  1. Deb, the nose is a go, I repeat the nose is a go. Seriously, it looks good.

  2. You're teensy fetus is so street smart. She is going to have no problem surviving the streets of Tallahassee. Also, she looks squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezeable!

  3. I don't know. The streets of Tallahassee are so cold and unforgiving.

  4. your baby looks real real pretty

  5. That sign she is doing looks like a "W" for "Westside" even though she'll be born in Florida.

  6. She just looks adorable.
    If you're not shy about sharing, I'd love to hear some names you are tossing around!


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