A Thousand Upsetting Suns

I read this book yesterday.
Well, actually, after getting through the first fourth of it, I had to just skim the rest so I could get the jist of what happened. It upset me too much to read in depth. It's supposed to be about love and strength and endurance, but I couldn't get past the abuse suffered by the two main female characters.

Here's a little more info about the book if you're interested: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Thousand_Splendid_Suns

After I put it down, Tyler was trying to go to sleep and I initiated a conversation along these lines.

Deb: "Why do I have it so good?"
Tyler: (Sleepy, humoring me) "We are really blessed."
Deb: "I just love you so much." (Moving in for a full body hug)
Tyler: (Sleepy, humoring me hug) "I love you too..."
Deb: "Thanks for not beating me."
Tyler: "You bet, babe."

At which point I let him sleep. Only I couldn't sleep. So today I'm tired and trying to get work done and talking to my mom and sisters and Tyler about why there has been and is so much misery and oppression in the world and even though I know the answers theoretically I still can't make sense of it.

Anyway, the only place I've gotten is that I'm just grateful for my blessings - country, faith, freedom, education, opportunity, and especially my non-mean, non-controlling, good-hearted husband.


  1. I had a moment like that not too long ago too. We really are blessed to be where we are. It's sad that other people can't have the same things we do. They are amazing people though, with all those things they have to go through.

  2. I'm gonna put Rob in counseling. You're right, Deb.

  3. I read book and also had to put it down a couple of times. You have a very cool blog.


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