Fun stuff

This weekend Tyler and I did some major organizing and cleaning. Even though the nursery still looks like it was hit by a tornado, the closet now has so much convenient space!

I am anxiously waiting to receive the baby's bedding in the mail. Here's a pic.

Our crib is natural color, not white. But look at those little pink butterflies! As my niece Heidi would say, "so ceeuuuuute...."

I thought I would also start listing some of the things people say now that I'm showing.

Comments I love (or, people I want to hug):

1. You don't look like you're almost 7 months along. (Thanks, guy that changed my oil)!

2. You make a lovely pregnant woman.

Comments I hate (or, people I don't want to hug):

1. Is it twins? (When I say no) Big baby. (Oh, Delta flight attendant).

2. You're eating that?

Oh dear.

And, some of Tyler's comments at night while feeling/seeing baby move:

1. I'm so excited to meet her.

2. I can't believe that's my daughter in there.

3. Baaaaaabyyyyyyy (like a foghorn, into my belly button)

4. (And on days when we're feeling a little panicked and overwhelmed) Stay in there as long as you need to, baby!


  1. regrettably, one side effect of pregnancy for me was that my "jerk censor" malfunctioned. you know, that part of your brain that makes you NOT say every little mean/rude thing you think... mine stopped working at about 7 months and when people would make those comments to me - and the frequently did - i kind of turned into a big-time b***h.

    i think you can get away with it in your condition - so go ahead, take advantage now.

  2. The bedding is so cute. Yea for you! I love putting together our nursery. When I was pregnant with Abbie, I refused to reuse Rachel's baby bedding and insisted on buying new. It was so much fun. And shame on people that ask those questions. When I'm 7 months, besides the twins question, I also get "Are you do soon? You look like you're about to pop." Or something along that line. Don't people know that if you say that to a pregnant woman, she will really want to strangle you and that just might not have her sanity in check enough to stop herself. They really are risking their lives when they make such idiotic comments. I wonder if a woman did strangle someone for making a pregnancy comment, would she would be held accountable by a court of law? She shouldn't. The end.

  3. I would love a tape recording of Tyler's foghorn BAAABBYYY! That is hilarious!


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