some random facts about my wife

  • She is a very good judge of singing and acting talent. I used to have my own opinions on singers and actors, but she is so consistently right that mostly I just adopt her opinions now.
  • She does not know how to nag. Seriously. It is awesome.
  • She LOVES to sleep. We debate whether she loves me or sleep more. (Secretly I don’t want to know the truth).
  • She LOVES breakfast cereal. Do not come between her and her breakfast cereal, especially Oh’s brand.
  • She LOVES her sisters. On average they talk 168 times a day, unless there is something to talk about. Then double it.
  • She could probably pass for 10 years younger than she is.
  • She did well in law school and RARELY studied. The girl is sharp.
  • Whenever I come home from church on Sunday, she is watching some old-timey black-and-white movie.
  • Every week she breaks out some phrase that I have never heard, like from the 1920s (e.g., “now you’re on the trolley!”). See above.
  • She vows to be a good mother whenever we pass a slutty-looking 14-year-old in the mall.


  1. Three thumbs up for Tyler's post, by far the funniest thing I've read in the last two weeks or so!!!! Freakin Hilarious, DUDE!! P.S. I think your estimation of how many times we talk to eachother might be a little low.

  2. My only issue with your very nice post is that MY old-timey sayings make sense. But I will nag you about that when we get home tonight.

  3. Wow. It appears you actually WERE on the trolley.

  4. Dear Tyler, will you marry me? Don't tell Dustin, okay? Nicalee

  5. And that Tyler, is why we all love Debra. She is absolutely fabulous!

  6. Tyler, I took the privateness off! Comment away, I eat that stuff for breakfast!

  7. Tyler, this post is the berries. Debra is keen, and she's no dumb dora.

    (Oh yeah, I totally did my homework.)


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