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I thought after all those posts in such a short period of time that I would play hard to get for a while. Hopefully it made you like me more.

Just got back from a weekend trip to the Big Apple to see some shows with my mom, sisters, grandma, aunt and cousins. A group of nine people feels like a group of a hundred in New York! We had the time of our lives.

The ladies at Central Park, minus Mom and Grandma.

(From the left: Nicalee, cousin Mikayla, aunt Vicki, cousin Kapri, sis-in-law Monika, me, Kristine)
Some other highlights:

1. Nicalee and Kristine (sisters) and I walking down the street and having a fellow call out "Charlie's Angels!" and then looking at my belly and adding, "Plus one!"

2. Spotting Ryan Gosling on 59th and 7th walking his scary mohawked dog. I have a phobia of celebrities, so I wanted to run the other way. But Nicalee chased good ol' Ryan across the street and got a picture of...the back of...him. Great job in "The Notebook," Ryan - but you can't tell me you were trying to go incognito. Nobody wears a pageboy hat to walk their mohawked dog without expecting to be noticed. (Like this dummy here).

Nicalee will always regret not yelling "Ryan!" at him. I must say, celebrity spotting is a thrill. Just as long as they don't catch me looking at them. Celebrities are scary!

Here's the back of him:

3. The hot chocolate at Sarabeth's, one of my favorite places for brunch. Like a cup of liquid cake. Or something.

4. The Wa-Za waffle at Norma's, another one of my favorite places for brunch. Kaedi, I really must agree with you. (Grandma on left, Mom to my right).

5. Seeing one of my best friends, Tara, who met us for dinner at Tavern on the Green. Tara is a big important food and entertainment editor at a big important magazine called Ladies Home Journal. And Tavern on the Green is awesome.
(From the left: Vicki, Mom, Tara, me, Nicalee)

6. Nicalee yelling in surprise when the subway lurched forward on our way somewhere. Yelling.
(From the left: Monika, me, Mikayla, Kapri, Vicki, and Kristine. Nic's taking the picture).

7. Seeing the musical "Hairspray." I love that music! Except that the apparent message of the show is that white people and suburbs suck. that music! Such a great show.

Many, many, many thanks to my dear grandma for making this trip possible, and to my dear mom who was also very generous. Great memories.


  1. Wow. That sounds like so much fun. I wish I could go somewhere exciting with just my mom, sister, and sisters-in-law. That would be awesome. I'm way jealous. P.S. I missed you at church.

  2. Send me your pictures RIGHT NOW!!!! That was a cute post, I love your list...I also enjoyed Nic's loud scream when the subway moved the first time! LOL

  3. Deb - you look great preggy.
    Back in the city and having fun. Awesome.

  4. look at that tummy! lookin' good. lookin' good.

  5. I posted about NY, Deb. Lahvoo

  6. I'm with Eddie -- you are looking SO GOOD! Speaking of Norma's, I'm on my way there in about 20 minutes. I love that place. It is the best dang $20 waffle I've ever had. So glad you had a good time here!

  7. My yell was feminine and appropriate, Ryan would have loved it...I love you Ryan, I love you.

  8. Oh man I'm totally jealous!


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