Some random facts about the birthday boy

Today is the anniversary of my husband's birth. In celebration of this occasion, I would like to return the favor and list some random facts about him.

- He loves his garden and his lawn. (It shows, too).

- He sleeps with about 4 dozen pillows.

- He will try any culinary dish at least once and almost never gets the same entree twice.

- Everybody likes him.

- He thinks of tickling, biting, steam-rolling, and other similar behaviors as "affection."

- He has spent his life in pursuit of the most destructive, satanic hot sauce known to man.

- He loves History channel, Discovery channel, news shows and the Economist. Smarty pants.

- He may be the easiest person in the world to be around.

- He loves to serenade me with original, made up on the spot songs several times a day. These songs are for my ears only, although I pray for the day that someone else will hear them, because they...are...awesome.

Love you, hon. Of all the people who are glad you were born, I am the most glad.


  1. this is the greatest blog EVER

  2. AWWHHHHH! I love Tyler, now, too. Before I wasn't sure, but after that post, now I am definitely in the Pro Tyler group! I'm glad you like your husan'!


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