Feeling contemplative in the final two weeks of my pregnancy, so here are some thoughts and observations.
  • Everyone's favorite nay-saying subject, the "oh your summer's going to be sooo uncomfortable" actually turned out to be kind of not a big deal.

  • I think I got lucky. The trouble sleeping, back pains, swelling, and Braxton Hicks contractions either didn't happen at all or were pretty tame.

  • Apparently I am snoring like a 300 pound man these days. It looks like Tyler should have been warned about sleep deprivation and not me.

  • I'm secretly worried I'm going to keep snoring even after the baby comes. Embarassing!

  • Nobody is allowed to tease me about the snoring thing.

  • Our whole "freaked out" to "excited" ratio finally, finally seems to be tipping more in the "excited" direction.

  • I love love love positive encouraging people that tell me we're up to this and we're going to be happy.

  • I am glad for the alone time I've had with Tyler these 3 years.

  • I hope our little family will be a happy one.

  • Brett Favre, you are such a diva. Aaron Rodgers, I pray you have a legendary season. This may seem unrelated, and yet little CLM has been hearing a lot about it on Jim Rome is Burning. I'm pretty sure she shares my opinion.


  1. I'm glad to hear that little CLM is already a football fan! I'm really excited to meet her in a few weeks and know that you and Tyler will be excellent parents. If anyone else posts otherwise on this blog, I will personally deal with them.

  2. Deb does snore like a 300 pound man, but she does not look like one. In fact, she might be the hottest pregnant woman ever.

  3. Oh man you are so close to having that little baby Lindy!!! Whoop, whoop!

    You guys are going to do awesome. Also, let me tell you that labor wasn't nearly as scary/traumatizing as I anticipated. Epidurals are nice. Sometimes I want one if my leg hurts or I stub my toe.

  4. Epidural, to me, is a lovely word. I think they should be available for stubbed toes.

  5. Deb, you have done so great...much less whining at the end, when it should have been the worst! You have been a stellar prego person! I am so proud (I am wiping away a tear) to call you my sister.

  6. we are so excited for baby stillman to arrive! i have a gift for you. whens good to drop it off? hope you're feeling well!

  7. Hi Debra, it's me Taryn! Lost lost SLC buddy. I've just caught up with everything on your blog and I'm so excited for you, your husband and little CLM. Can't wait to see her. I just signed up on the google/blogger so I could post a message and everything was in German. So I'm pretty much very intelligent in the linquistics area because it worked! :) You and your husband sound like you have so much fun! You look so great! And your sense of humor hasn't changed! It reminds me of how much we used to laugh. We were the funniest people around, I believe!! Okay, well...good luck with everything and keep in touch.
    Love, Taryn

  8. Taryn, oh my gosh. I TOTALLY think we were the funniest people around. Thanks for the well wishes, it was fun to catch up with you.


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