More pictures

Some more pics of the little princess.

Hangin' with Grandma.

She has smiled and laughed a bunch of times. So cute!

Look at her cute little wispy hair! Very stylish.

She was very upset for the first few hours of her life.

This one's blurry too but I love how you can see her big eyes.


  1. i love the giggling picture! she is too cute.

  2. Claire is a cutie! Congratulations to you both. By the way, this is Ursula Dougherty and I found your blog through Whitney. If you send me your email I can send you an invitation to our blog. Love the pics and the updates!
    Ursula Dougherty

  3. She is so precious, Deb. I love that whispy hair. OMG she is so totally snuggable. You look so happy.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! She is absolutely beautiful. I hope you are getting enough sleep here and there. The first 6 weeks are like baby boot camp -- crazy hard. Hang in there, it gets infinitely easier. Great work, mom!

  5. Love the pictures, what a sweet love muffin she is...

  6. I can't believe you caught her smiling so young! She must be the happiest baby on earth, then.

  7. I can not believe how soon she is laughing and smiling...she is the most special baby in the whole world and I am not exaggerating! Love that little one.

  8. She's absolutely adorable!!!!! Hope that you're getting at least a couple of hours of sleep a night:) Don't worry - it gets easier! I'm sure you're an amazing mommy.


  9. Still waiting for more pics and some kind of update.

    A few more weeks now and you will be sleeping more! hang on.


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