Motherhood is kicking my butt. Tyler has his hands full trying to keep me sane. Sleep deprivation makes me crazy! That is all I will say that is not lovely and optimistic. Here are some new pics.
Hangin' with mom and dad. Dad likes to make Claire climb up his chest. She doesn't know exactly how she feels about it.

Claire's first day at church. She was a vision in pink, and was quite the hit. Mom and Dad felt kind of like celebrities. They were lining up to get a peek! Please note how delicately she holds her hands. Like a true princess.

She likes her Aunt Nicalee. Contrary to Nic's prediction, Claire was NOT calling her mom by the time she went home. Ha!

She's quite thoughtful about bath time. She likes to kick back with her head in Dad's hands, contemplating the universe.

Look at that face.

We love her. I have never been so overwhelmed or humbled by anything like being the mother of a newborn baby. But she is precious.


  1. Yah! Im so happy you posted again. Ive been waiting on bated breath for those. You look so completely fabulous and Claire is too cute. You are doing so great. Come 6 weeks you will start getting some good sleep.

  2. freak - babies are a lot of work. she's lucky she's so damn cute. and cute she is.

  3. Hang in there Deb, things get so much easier with babies as time goes on. You have so much joy ahead! lahvoo

  4. Where is the mention of how awesome Aunt Kris is with her beautiful niece? She totally loves me more than that redheaded person. Did you not know it is all about me? I'm so saddened by your lack of consideration for my delicate feelings.

  5. I'm so glad that you posted new pictures of Claire, I've only seen her briefly twice (at church). Don't worry, she'll start sleeping soon (hopefully).

  6. She's uber cute, which is surprising, knowing her dad.

  7. Oh what an adorable baby! She is a beautiful sleeper. Just like momma. Seriously, I have never met anyone that sleeps more angelic and beautiful like Deb. I think we used to look in your room to see if you ever slept ugly.


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