This is the best photo I could get of Miss Fidget smiling and laughing at the mobile in her swing. I'm pretty sure there has never been a cuter baby in the history of the world, nay, the universe. No offense to all previous and present babies - I'm just calling a spade a spade. I'm sure my bias is not playing into it at all.


  1. adorgable!
    so whats the consensus on who she looks like? more like you or more like tyler?

    I just love her hair. Do you wonder what life was like before ms. claire?

  2. Being an expert on beautiful baby girls I must tell you that you do have one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen.

  3. Well, we think she has my lips, and she looks a little more like him through the nose and eyes.

    I DO wonder what life was like before Claire. As in, what in the world did I do with my time? And how in the world did I ever complain when I only got 7 hours of sleep? :) Love her. She's a joy.

  4. It's so funny when they laugh at inanimate objects, freaky, but funny! I have to agree with you, she is the cutest ever...

  5. What is more distracting than her adorable picture is your use of the word Nay...what the heck? Come hither (to Utah) make haste fair maiden! Your baby is more than adorable...she's cuter than any other baby on the whole earth, and that is bonafide fact.


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