Kissy lips

Come ON.


  1. I just kissed my computer, I'm a little embarrassed really. I wanna eat that love chunk you call daughter.

  2. i love it! tell her to keep practicing and she can smooch it up with max.

  3. before i begin my oooing and ahhing about claire, i'd just like you to take a moment and consider this momentous occasion i like to call "tara actually takes time to view a blog"
    how much do i want to pick that little sweet angel up and smooch her right under that little chin of hers. she's beautiful and it kills me that i can't pick her up and say sweet nothings into her little ear.

  4. Aw. She is adorable.
    We wish we could hold her in our arms.
    Eddie and Heather B.

  5. Claire better watch out because I am going to KIIIISSSSS her!

  6. Um Could she be any cuter!!! Plus I love the outfit! I wonder who picked it out. LOL!


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