10 Things I Am Grateful For

I got tagged by Leah for this and I'm kind of excited to do it.

Those of you reading this, do not forget to scroll down and see the latest pics of my bubby and comment on them because I'm starting to think I have no friends.

Ten Things I Am Grateful For (some are the same as Leah's, what can I say)

1. My faith. I am grateful for my knowledge of who I am and why I am here. I'm grateful for the countless positive ways this knowledge has blessed my life. And I'm thankful for my Heavenly Father and Savior who made it all possible.

2. My buh-buh. Tyler saved me from loneliness. I really don't care how that sounds, it's true. He is an exceptionally loving and sensitive husband who really, really wants me to be happy. I have been especially thankful for his hard work and humility, and for the way he loves our beautiful daughter.

3. My bubby. Oh my gosh, I never could have known how much happiness that little girl would bring with her. She is the light of our lives. Every expression, every little sound she makes are priceless to me. She is totally worth less sleep, less money, and less time. Totally worth it.

4. My trials. I am only able to say this because I am *between* major trials right now. No matter how much I hate hardship, there is no denying that it's the only thing that really makes you grow. I reserve the right to take this one back when I'm crying over something difficult.

5. Temporal blessings. At least once a day I look at my little home and feel thankful for the way it protects me from the elements. While I'm at it I'm thankful for our cars that run, our big comfy king-sized bed, a $200 nursery set from Wal-Mart, a heater/ac that work, plenty of food to eat and on and on. We live such ridiculously comfortable lives.

6. My job. This is a tough one because it's awful to leave Claire. But it's not forever and this job has been great for us. Low stress, amazing benefits and retirement, but most important, 7 weeks of paid leave a year and two hours a day that I can work from home. I feel like I was led to this job.

7. Family. I really don't know what I would do without them. My life has been filled with love, encouragement and communication. And while I'm at it, I seriously have the best in-laws in the universe. They are my family, too.

8. Friends. I have to echo Leah, I wish you all knew each other. I love my friends.

9. Technology. Helps a great deal with numbers 6-8. The internet that lets me work from home, telephones, e-mail, conference calling, Facebook, blogs, everything that helps me stay connected with the people I care about - it's an amazing world we live in!

10. Health. Two arms and two legs, the ability to move and breathe freely and without pain. That may change someday but I'm certainly thankful for it now.

I tag Nicalee, Kristine, Lanni, Lindy, Marie, and Cheryl.


  1. Maybe you'll be on my list, if you are lucky :)

  2. wow- your little precious bundle is so big and grown up- love those cute smiles and you look so good deb! claire is lucky to have you as a mom.

  3. I don't want to be tagged! I don't I don't!! I would rather look at adorable pictures of my niece!


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