Miss Fidget is now talking. Since you can't see what she's saying in pictures, I will tell you.

Prunes and carrots are confusing. And delicious!

Daddy is funny.

This chain appears to have come from the sky.

Girl, I had better win the Regis and Kelly Most Beautiful Baby contest!

I may be blurry, but I am adorable.


  1. I love that bubby. I'm so thankful for chains from the sky...that was hilarious. You are hilarious, not you but what you say!!! You are actually lovely.

  2. Your buh buh and bubby are awesome! How cute! You should totally enter that contest. Everyone who has a baby should.

  3. of course you have friends that are adoring your beautiful baby and thinking, "My how good Debra looks!"

  4. I can and I will squeeze that baby when I see her! I appreciate how she represents for the girls who decide to grow hair later in life. Every time we go to church and I see 1 year olds with hair long enough for an actual hair style I wonder what they are feeding her!


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