Sitting up

Some thoughts and updates:
  • I have decided that humility is the scriptural term for self-awareness and personal accountability. I'm sure that's not news to many, but still.

  • I think have economy depression.

  • This previous comment edited to say that Tyler stood up for me this week and it was really sweet of him. Isn't that mysterious....

And oh, this little one. She is so close to sitting up on her own. But for now there are pillows. And the eventual topple.

She's also talking like a pro.

She is a living doll in this little polka dot dress. She could NOT be bothered to smile when there were things to put in her mouth. I mean, really.


  1. She is a serious cutie! I just love her happy little smile. And she is clearly incredibly mature and advanced.

  2. Those videos are priceless! She is such a happy little rolly polly princess. I just love her, I wish I could pinch those cheeks through the phone. You look so beautiful, Deb. Missin you.

  3. Okay, so I watched the video of her on the bed and I beg to differ...she is not almost sitting up on her own Debra. She IS sitting up on her own you silly mother. And the polka dot dress, could she be more adorable? Not in a million years. She is the cutest baby on the face of this green earth!!!

  4. Oh we have had a few head injuries from them wobbling and toppling over! I have learned the pillow thing now! haha!! I love the videos!! Such a cutie pie!

  5. ok, I love little girls in polka dots. There is nothing cuter. She is so cute Deb!

  6. oh she's so adorable! i can't believe how fast they grow!


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