Some facts about the birthday girl

  • She’s pretty when she cries. Most people’s faces get all kinds of ugly when they cry, but her face is still beautiful. And it’s a good thing too, because she cries 7 or 8 times a day.When things are going well.
  • She makes the best chocolate chip cookies EVER.
  • Debra has very insightful opinions on all things Hollywood—directors, actors, movies, etc. I have stopped thinking for myself.
  • She’s the pickiest lettuce eater on planet earth. Sometimes it’s too white, sometimes it’s too green, sometimes it’s just too lettucey. She’ll eat about 4% of the lettuce in your average salad.
  • She’s very easy to comfort. This is because she tells me exactly what I need to say to comfort her. For example:
Deb: “Honey, I’m worried about our finances. Tell me everything will be OK”.

Me: “Everything will be OK”

Deb (in tears) “You’re so comforting!”

  • She can get ready for work in about 25 minutes—24 of which are in the shower. No kidding.
  • She is a very good mother, and loves her daughter with her whole soul.
  • She actually hates to nag.
  • Her husband is a very lucky man.


  1. Happy Birthday Deb and good list Tyler! I wanna try some of those chocolate chip cookies- hehe

  2. That was the sweetest list ever. Happy Birthday Deb. What a great husband you have.

  3. Happy Birthday Debra... I hope you have a good one. You hubby is too cute to write that abouty you!

  4. The part about the crying is funny, 'cause its true. Both the prettiness and frequency of it. ;-)

  5. happy birthday! and i've seen the tears too, but also agree that you're still a babe.

  6. That is so adorable! What a good hubby. I also think that Deb is the most beautiful SLEEPER on the planet.

    Happy bday!

  7. Happy Birthday to the greatest gal on the planet! :)

  8. Happy Birthday Deb! Hope you're having a fabulous day. Your husband is so sweet and knows you so well! I miss you!

  9. I'm with her about the lettuce.
    It has to be just right. I just do it secretly so my wife doesn't think I'm crazy.
    Happy Birthday.
    You have a blessed family.

  10. Hope you had a very fabulous birthday girl! Miss you guys! Haha... the word verification today is "hottee" I guess that sums things up.

  11. HAPPY FREAKIN' BIRTHDAY Deb! Your husband is too cute! I Love you!

  12. Well, Nic and I have been neglectful haven't we?! Happy Birthday, Deb. Tyler's list was awesome, I love details about you and that he loves them, too :) I have just one more to add (and I agree with Cheryl, you are a beautiful sleeper) Deb is a loyal and dedicated sister. You have called me back super late at night, just to make sure I didn't need you...or listened to me sob incoherently and been understanding and laughed with me later about it! You are a great sister! I love you.

  13. Happy Birthday Debra! I love long showers too.

  14. Thanks honey. I am a lucky lady.


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