Very Good Time

Things are very good right now. We are just enjoying our little home and our little girl. We had some family come out to visit and loved every minute we got to spend with them.
My grandma says that Claire is always smiling (yay for tupperware!).

I felt I should correct that misconception. Claire smiles a lot, but her other common expression is a mixture of thoughtful, bemused, and deeply contemplative. For example:

Contemplative about her first bite of chocolate chip cookie. Thank you Aunt Allison.

Trying to figure out exactly why Grandma Stillman must leave Tallahassee in a few minutes.

Bemused about mommy's bicycle wheel while riding with Grandpa Lowe at Hilton Head, SC.

Let's get a close up. She's not messing around. She looked at that wheel, just like this, for about a half a mile.

Perplexed about (a) her first experience with ocean waves, and (b) why Grandma Lowe gets to wear a bathing suit but she doesn't. (Answer: getting babies out of wet suits is the opposite of fun. And really, all they need is a hat and 3/4 ton of baby sunscreen).

Our garden has been gorgeous lately. We've had peaches (eaten by squirrels), strawberries (eaten by fruit flies), and a lot of tomatoes (to be eaten by me).

My favorite, though, is Tyler's sunflower. Isn't this great? (Plus, Tyler looks good in this shirt. Double yum).

Claire also approves of the garden. Additionally, she approves of our matching outfits on Sunday. I didn't plan this, but it worked out quite well, I think.


  1. those ladies in green are lookin' good. and next time she's being pensive, ask her about the naked man. in other words, "who's naked?" if she doesnt' know, tell her to check with echohawk.

  2. awesome pics. such a lovely family.

  3. she is getting so big. what a cutie. love the smiles!

  4. Yeah for pictures of your family! Yeah for pictures of anything! I love that look while she is discecting that wheel and solving all the worlds problems in her head. You two are lovely in green. It really makes me miss you three to see these pictures. I can't believe your life goes on without me there? That has to be some kind of social disorder, ask Tyler for me :) Lahvoo.

  5. She has a million faces! I think our garden will end up the same, except we don't have an impressive sunflower to show off. Can't wait to see you!


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