What a girl!

Claire had some teeth come in a few weeks ago.

She's also been clapping her hands and waving, although both are tough to get her to do on command. (Tyler got this picture like a total GENIUS).

The other day we took her on a walk. While we stopped to chat with our neighbor Charlie she favored him with a high-wattage smile like the one above. He was completely charmed, muttering "what a girl. What a girl!"

I couldn't agree more. What a girl!

For instance, she is a dancer and lover of music. Watch patiently if you want to witness exceptional grace and rhythm.

When my nephew Josh Newman was four or five years old I was dancing really hard to entertain him at the level he so richly deserved. After I had nearly killed myself to do so, he glanced at me in marginal approval, nodded slightly, and said, "good dancin'."

My point in telling this story: good dancin', Claire. Good dancin'.


Finally: I want to take a minute and thank SuperWHY.

SuperWHY, you have given me 25 minutes a day that I can count on. You have given me.....



  1. This menagerie of picures, comments, and video can't go another minute without an extremely deserved comment...Wow! What a Babe! Thanks so much for sharing a bit of you daily life. We miss you all so much....Claire a little bit more than the two big people. I'm sure you understand. We look forward to seeing you in the near future!!!


    Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa Lowe

  2. Lucy and I watched the dancing video together and she was was impressed by the cuteness! Claire looks so grown up! She is just adorable. Also, SuperWHY is a good show. Thanks PBS.

  3. i just love your family!! Claire is a beautiful girl!! Her mother makes me laugh and I'm wondering when you are coming for a visit! love you mucho! melinda

  4. Thank goodness for PBS! We also love Super Why. Why? Because we have the power to read!

  5. P.S. LOVE the dancin', that girl can shake it!

  6. I LOVE cute Claire with her new teeth! She looks so old now. When are you guys coming back for a visit?

  7. she looks so big with her teeth. Yet still amazingly beautiful! Soo cute, everything is just so cute.

  8. Fist of all Word Gril kicks Super Why's butt, second; Good Dancin!(so darling!) and Third those two little teeth are to die for...that picture of her smiling with those cute little teeth reminds me a picture of Chloe smiling like that that i have...oh and of Allisons baby girl smiling the the womb ;-)


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