It's been a while

We went home to visit family from July 9th to the 21st. It's a long time to live out of suitcases and not be able to walk around freely in our underwear.

HOWEVER. With two grandmas, two grandpas, two uncles, six aunts, ten boy-cousins, eleven girl-cousins, there is a lot of quality time to be spent.

I don't have all my pictures downloaded but here are a couple of Claire's early birthday party with the Stillmans.

She loved being sung to. She couldn't contain her joy, so she attempted mid-air splits.

She was quite curious about her cake. (The pointy finger is an accurate indicator).

She thought it was delicious,

But she did NOT like having it all over her hands.


  1. woop wooooop! happy early birthday claire. i'm excited to be the first one to say it.

  2. Happy Happy birthday-- early! Thanks for the call...but really, Clint broke his phone and we had to trade phones-- now I have a new phone, but I have lost most of my info -- I guess Ishould have everything written somewhere, but I don't... so please send me your Phone # and address-- Love you, hope you had a great time.

  3. WTH? We should have had a B-Day party for Claire, too! Damn Stillman's always stealing our ideas! This is WAR!

  4. I adore the fact that mid-air splits are how she expresses true joy. That's fantastic. Tell her I said Happy Birthday!


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