July 6th, Day of Greatness

My husband was born on this day. Let's celebrate.

He is a very cheerful person. I don't mean in-your-face cheerful (like Tim Robbins' character in "The Sure Thing" for example) but just very steady and even and optimistic.

Oh, how he has come to love the AMC series "Breaking Bad." He equally loves the Biography channel show "I Survived."

Loves Charles Krauthammer and Fareed Zakaria.

Will eat absolutely anything I cook, except will not eat asparagus without some mayonnaise.

And no celery. Alligator, yes. But no celery.

Sometimes I tell myself that these are his two favorite things.

But these are his real two favorite things - Claire (#1) sitting on his lawn (#2).

Love you, honey. Glad you were born!


  1. Claire and his grass, that man knows how to love! Happy Birthday, TY!!!!! Really, happy birthday, Tyler, we all hope you have a fun day! Good luck tomorrow, we are all cheering for you!


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