Graduation, Pony Tails and No Words to Describe It

Tyler graduated on Saturday! Such a terrific achievement, a PhD in Psychology. He has worked so hard and it's wonderful to see him reach this milestone. Congrats, honey.

Mom and Dad Stillman came to support him and Miss Claire helped him plant his own personal brick in the FSU Psychology courtyard.

I have been harrassed about how I don't do ponytails in Claire's hair, so I gave in today and this is what I came up with. I'm sorry, but you have to admit that is one cute baby.

Finally, I saw this on my way home from work a couple of days ago. Nothing to say, really - I can only share it. So you will feel as violated as I did.

I started to say "thank goodness for camera phones," but then I thought, perhaps the readers don't feel that way. Still, someone has to be witness to the craziness that is the South.


  1. Congratulations to Tyler. Claire is adorable. I wish I could have seen that leathery old man in the speedo, I need those laughter endorphins...that is hilarious!

  2. Tyler, you look super fly in that cap and gown! Congrats! Yeah for being done with school! I love love that leathery old man. If I were 30 years older and into speedos, he would be in trouble :)

  3. great pony - can't wait for pigtails.

    congrats tyler! but why did he ride his bike home from graduation?

  4. Oh my hell Tyler that is awesome! Congratulations! We need more speedo wearing men out west!

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  6. Seriously, you know you can become a fan of his (not Tyler, but speedo man) on Facebook? And he was totally nabbed by the fuzz for being indecent. THANK GOODNESS and for real--it's about time. Now I think he wears booty shorts or something that is about one degree less offensive.

    Is this the classiest town or what?


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