Top of the Top Chef

My most favoritest show ever is Top Chef. The food always looks so beautiful and fancy and they use tons of words I don't know, like "ceviche" and "coulis." The first episode of the season was this week and I was feeling inspired. So I made Black Bean Cakes with Chunky Guacamole and Lime Crema.

A LOT OF DANG WORK went into creating the picture before you. And the kitchen was a total mess.

However. (1) Holy Moses, it was like a symphony of taste in every bite. Thanks for the recipe, Emeril. (2) My one year old happily ate onion, black beans, fresh cilantro, pepper, fresh lime juice, avocado and garlic. And (3) I felt like wife, mother, and chef extraordinaire of the year for one night.

Definitely worth it.

P.S. Did I just say "my one year old?"


  1. Fantastic job Top Chef! We need to get together soon! What are your plans for the future now that Tyler's graduated?

  2. I want to be a chef, too! Usually when I cook something new, it is not good so noone (including me) eats it. So a total waist of time and I still have to do something eatable. Great job!

  3. Deb, YOU should go on top chef! amazing. so fun that you did that. it looks beautiful!


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