For lack of something more interesting

I've been thinking, "I should post. I should post." Then I sit down to post and my brain is empty. Just completely devoid of anything useful or interesting.

Maybe I should show you how Claire started walking all by herself. But then I would have to download that video we took and I couldn't make it work last time.

Then I think I will just tell you about how Claire started walking all by herself. Then I feel guilty because really, how lazy can you be to not post a video?

Then I think, I hate Tallahassee. Then I think, I should be more positive. So here is a list of 5 things I like about Tallahassee (followed by 5 I hate).

1. The canopy road (Old Bainbridge) that I get to drive on every morning.
2. The winters.
3. The Wal-Mart by my house that I can walk to.
4. The McKenzie by my house that always has the cheapest gas.
5. Gordo's cuban food.

1. From May to October, feeling like I'm wrapped in a warm, wet blanket every time I leave the house.
2. The heat.
3. The rabid mosquitoes. Also, gnats, fire ants, squirrels, and creepy unidentifiable bugs that horrify me.
4. The humidity.
5. No sidewalks.


  1. all of the things you hate, and one of them was not the fast food drive through? cmon!

  2. Yes I agree with you. But I really like that we met you guys and yes that Gas Station is super cheap!

  3. What about the drivers or the people at the drive through you can't understand? Those are the ones I hate! I love love your lists!!

  4. So happy to have found your blog!!

    I second your list of likes, especially canopy roads, winters, and Gordos. I also heart Publix in a big way. And Momo's pizza. Mmmmm.

    #5 on the dislikes list made me laugh out loud. For real! Navigating this city with a stroller (heaven forbid a wheel chair) is ridiculous!


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