Sad Men

Does anybody watch "Mad Men?"

I seem to pick shows that no one in my life has any interest in. But I am just so sad about this last Mad Men episode that I am determined to find someone I know who watches it.

1. Little Sally just breaks my heart. I felt like her grandpa was a life preserver that was yanked away before she could get a hold. Back to her frigid mother and absent father. I cried when she put her sad little forehead against the door after her mother closed it.

2. Is it just me, or does this show not believe in parent/child affection? I mean, having children is awesome. I don't care whether I did or didn't go to law school, did or didn't travel, did or didn't experience success that is acceptable by the world's standards. Even when Claire is driving me crazy and I'm feeling trapped or claustrophobic I still can't imagine my life without her. Mad Men seems very concerned with authenticity, but they're falling way short in this respect.


  1. honey, i'm leaving you a comment because you love comments.

    the end.

  2. Debra, I would comment on this show if I gave a crap if it is even on TV...I love you, though!

  3. Uh...Michael and I watch it. :)

    Sally's grief over her grandfather is certainly understandable--she was just beginning to bond with him, and suddenly he was taken away from her. She is still a child and doesn't hide her emotions in appearances like her parents do, so she doesn't understand that her mother is grieving, too. Still--Betty did NOT handle Sally's outburst well at all.

    I think the show does believe in parent/child affection, but it also believes that people like the characters in Mad Men will put their own desires first. Their world-views make it difficult for them to put others first, and that seems to be a crucial part in being a loving parent. So many of the things they do for the children or with the children are just them going through the motions--they do it because they are supposed to do it, but not because they're excited to have the children in their lives.

  4. the show is awesome ... but I always feel guilty and a lil' dirty when I watch it. Doggone it, it's a great show!


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