Fountain of Wisdom

Last night Tyler and I were talking about something heavy and important. After we had hashed and re-hashed, I had just one last thing to say. Something about men and courage and love and work. It was very insightful, although in the middle of it Tyler's eyes glazed over and and he appeared to drift away.

This was confirmed to me when I asked Tyler, "did you stop listening to me?" to which he responded, "it was really long and I got bored. I'm sorry."

This morning, it would be helpful for me to post a couple of things I like about this man.

(1) Mm, mm, mm. So good looking.

(2) Smart and informed and opinionated. Expresses opinion, but doesn't impose it.

(3) Affectionate. Loves hugging and kissing (sorry to out you, honey).

(4) Helped me make a family.

Sweetie, get yourself ready because I'm finishing my thought tonight.


  1. Uhm ... sometimes us guys just tune out things for no reason and sometimes we just tune out things for no reason ... but getting caught is embarrasing ... goodluck to the hubby.

  2. Dude, what man doesn't tune out when we talk deep? Their brains are just frightfully underdeveloped. Poor helpless men.

  3. The post was shadowed by the beautiful dress Claire was wearing. She looks adorable! (and you guys, too)

  4. Sometimes I think you have to change your outfit half way through the conversation to keep the attention...


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