I Love

I loooooove:

1. Pilot G-2 retractable blue gel extra fine pens;

2. Conference calling;

3. Argentine tango and salsa dancing;

4. The Haight-Ashbury sandwich at Andrews;

5. That my baby doesn't have diaper rash;

6. Crackers and cold coke;

7. Bed;

8. People who don't have the time or energy to judge others too harshly (oh how I want to be one of them);

9. Typing;

10. Forgiveness.

This post began when my assistant brought in a whole blessed box of #1 on my list. But it felt good to keep going.


  1. Great list Deb! I am thankful for my sisters and my babies!

  2. Cold coke is like the most refreshing thing on the planet. On the planet. And there is nothing like a good pen. Hope you had a fab Thanksgiving!

  3. P.S. I can say things like "fab" because I'm hip.


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