New Moon Sex Talk

The Twilight books reminded me of the Harry Potter books - I rolled my eyes constantly at this cliche or that redundancy, but I still had a tough time putting them down.

For me, though, the Twilight books translated much better on screen. If I read about Edward snarling or breathing heavy or looking intensely at something one more time I thought I might scream.

But on to the reason for my post. What is this crazy contempt by all media about the fact that Edward and Bella aren't having sex? I have not read one thing, anywhere, that makes reference to it in an even remotely non-negative way.

In fact, the media I've seen seems to think that even alluding to absitinence is harmful to kids, makes them feel like bad people for having sexual feelings, will probably make all kids everywhere who even have a sexual thought want to cut themselves and jump off a tall building somewhere.

To which I respond, whaaaaat? I don't understand how the idea "wait until married" translates into "sex is bad and you're bad for wanting it!" Because that's certainly not how I was raised. And I will stand up for my religion while I'm at it. That's certainly not what I was taught at church. I was taught that sex is this great, bonding, fun, wonderful thing for a man and woman who have chosen to commit their lives to each other.

What I think is, there's this big group of people that believe you shouldn't have sex with anyone until you're married, and a lot of people who don't live that way simply can't think that's OK and fine and maybe there are even some advantages to it. No, no. It absolutely must mean you're close minded and naive and small and oppressed by your big bad religion and very, very judgmental of all people who like sex.

For the record: I think sex is great. I was taught from a young age that sex is great. And I made it all the way to marriage before having it, and just like I thought, I love it. And I'm still a living, breathing, functioning, pretty nice, pretty well adjusted human being.

So, go New Moon! I thumb my nose at your condescending, easily-threatened-by-a-philosophy-that-differs-from-their-own critics! (But if the movie is poorly made, well. I don't thumb my nose at those critics).


  1. It's funny that you think the story is better on screen--I can see what you mean about some of the redundancy, but I rewatched Twilight last night with a friend who'd never seen it or read the books, and I couldn't help feeling like the whole Edward-Bella relationship felt rushed. In the books, you're constantly in Bella's head, so you know what's going on, and the passage of time seems reasonable for someone to develop the deep feelings she comes to have.

    About the sex stuff--the reaction you are citing from the media is very interesting. For one thing, even apart from the morality of waiting until you've found and married the person you want to spend the rest of your life with to share such a close, intimate expression of love, there are other very good reasons why Edward and Bella shouldn't be having sex! It's unfortunate that portrayals of hormonal teens taking such a decision very seriously and going through both the normal reasons and the story-centric reasons for waiting aren't well-received. Because I'm all for asking teens to stop and think before acting, no matter WHAT they're doing.

  2. Good thoughts. I can how the book has more time to lay it out.

  3. Screw the critics. They are bad for having sexual feelings, they are all going to hell.

  4. My favorite comment that the critics have is that the movie is unrealistic--- to that I say, glad you caught that, I'm sure vampires, wolves, superhuman powers and all that is totally realistic. Several people have also shunned the author saying the writing is juvenile--- to that I say, hmmm the main characters are in high school--- how deep and mature do you want the context to be? It's not the author's fault that adults love her books.


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