Cobain's Mother

I love Wikipedia, mainly because of my random interest in the lives of old movie stars and historical figures. This morning, though, I got interested in Kurt Cobain's mother. Because the guy was a mess.

From what I can tell, she worked pretty hard to do what was best for him. When she found out he wasn't going to graduate high school, she told him he either had to get a job or move out.

My guess is that was not an easy thing to do. Even with my 15 month old, tough love totally stinks. Let her stand up in the bath. Sit in a muddy puddle. Drink nothing but a chocolate shake. It's harder than I thought it would be to say no to a little stinker!

What is my point here? Cobain killed himself. He wrote a long suicide note about music and said goodbye to his wife and daughter. And never said a word to his mother. His mother.

And I thought, motherhood really can be very thankless at times. Because you're never perfect when you have them. You can't be - people are always having to grow up. Doesn't matter if you're 40, 60, or 80. There are so many weaknesses to wrestle. But kids don't know that. They look at us and think we're supposed to have this figured out. And even when they know logically that's not true, they still smart over the ways we hurt them.

That makes me feel nervous and scared about the future. But still, even though my happiness and my heart are tied up in her to a terrifying degree, I say that's OK. I will take this ride and let her be mad at me. Because it's a part of the invaluable, irreplaceable human experience. I'm up to it!


  1. Cute picture Deb.
    And again I say Amen to your thoughts.

  2. I think that being a mother is as close as any person ever gets to being like Jesus Christ. We didn't do anything to deserve the atonement that he made, but we still have the option of taking it. Claire may not have done anything to deserve the great blessing of having a great Mother and Father, but she sure gets to enjoy it. I say shame on Kurt Cobain for what he did and what he didn't do. No mother deserves that, even if she had been a crack whore!

  3. well, we've got that going for us Deb and Kris, we're not crack whores!!

  4. ...but Aunt Sandy's crack habits are still debatable


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