Shipping, my nemesis.

Build a Bear had these $14 bears on sale for $5, online-sale only. I got sucked in, even though I was gritting my teeth and preparing myself to get taken on shipping.

Sure enough, the shipping charges on one bear were $5.95. On two bears it was $7.95. A small, lightweight bear that weights slightly more than a large envelope. Sons of b*%$#s!

I have hard, hard feelings about inflated shipping charges. But I still bought those damn bears because they're pink and soft and the stinker will giggle and bury that chubby little face in their tummies.

Motherhood has made me compromise my principles. The sky is falling!


  1. ha ha ha. That's what you get for being a sucker to a little munchkin that is just as cute as she can possibly be!! btw how are you doing??

  2. I just ordered the tee-tiniest little gadget and they charged me $12 shipping - those bastards!!!!

  3. Shipping totally sucks! But congrats on the bears. How exciting.

  4. I hate Build a Bear. I hate all people who ship. I'm going to go shoot up a post office, real soon.


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