Because I am now of advanced maternal age, my insurance covers my visit to a specialist to make sure my baby is not a mutant because its mother is 35 years old (36 when he/she is born).

The good news about being of advanced maternal age is that I get a free 4D ultrasound in February. How cool is that?

Yet another advantage to being 35 and older.


  1. Congrats on the wisdom and perks of a woman in her mid-thirties!

  2. Yes, that is cool Deb.
    And congratulations! I'm super happy for you.

  3. CONGRATS! CONGRATS! I can't wait to see this little one!

  4. I'm so excited for you Deb! Congratulations! I love you! Have you tried that nausea chewing gum you can buy at health food stores? Maybe that might help.

  5. well the good news is that if your bbay IS a mutant, you'll get to see it in all it's 4D glory real soon. good luck with that.


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