Validate Me

It's been kind of a rough day. Sometimes I think having a single one-year-old is all about units of time. As in:

How much time can I kill with this activity? How long will it entertain her?


How much time will this buy me? Can I get this pile of laundry folded (or can I watch this episode of How I Met Your Mother)?

or some combination of the two.

Everything is time. SuperWhy: 25 minutes. Dinner: 20 minutes. Taking her on a walk: 30 - 45 minutes (because that's all I can take, people. It's boring and I can only fight with her so long about that busy street in the middle of which she INSISTS on standing). Drawing: used to be 15, now I'm lucky if it's 5 minutes. Books: could go on all day, but it's BORING after a while.

Am I cut out to be a mother? It seems like no one misses their sweet single limitless down time as much as I do. I should be saying "oh, I just can't seem to get things done like I used to" but the truth is I was never all that productive anyway.

Please do not get me wrong. Even as I write this I love, love love Claire. But I'm going to be staying home full time soon (only, + newborn) and I need ideas on how to entertain and occupy. Or maybe with two I won't have the time to think about killing it.

And if the answer is, you just have to feel bored and trapped from time to time, SUCK IT UP, fine. Lay it on me. I can take it.


  1. Soo January just kinda sucks in general in my book and when your a SAHM it seems to royally drag out, but the good news is when spring hits and everyone else is suck in their cubes, the mommies are laying in the parks chatting it up while watching their kids and catching some sun. Don't worry every job has it's good and bad, even the revered job of motherhood.

  2. I complained about this quite a bit. Life gets mundane taking care of children even if it's the ONLY thing in this world you'd rather do. My husband resented me and still does for complaining. Truth number 1: men will NEVER understand. I felt completely under valued. I think no matter what, make schedules for yourself and do different things everyday to break it up. Yes, you will feel trapped. You can't really escape that except when you do different things every day it will help A LOT!
    By the way: keep your expectations EXTREMELY low with a newborn!


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