Why are the two best moments of my day (1) when I kiss Claire good morning and (2) when I put Claire to bed?

How can I simultaneously (1) long to be free and mobile like I used to be and (2) not want to be away from her for one second longer than I have to?

Why is she so cute? (Not really keeping with my theme, and yet, a legitimate question).

By the way. She is counting to six. Whaaaat?


  1. Your questions are ones I can SO relate to. Claire is beautiful! Love ya, Liz

  2. Yes ... the tug-and-war.
    I can relate to you.

  3. It must be the way God intended it. Claire is brilliant Deb!!

  4. i totally agree -- i never really thought about that. the two best times of the day are getting them up and then putting them back to bed. well put deb, well put.

  5. I cannot believe how old Claire is looking! Where is your baby? And who replaced her with this little person? She is sooooo adorable! I can't wait to see pictures of your trip with my parents. They said you are the official photographer. Also, I have it on good authority (from you and my parents) that Claire knows some of her letters. Will you please teach me your secret because I teach a five year old that is really struggling with the whole letter concept and also the whole counting thing.

    Okay, just one more thing. How exciting that our little ones are going to be so close! Six weeks? That is awesome!!!


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