Come with me on a journey over the Stillman family's last month or so.

1. Tyler gets cold.
2. Debra catches cold.
3. They both get better, and breath a sigh of relief that Claire didn't catch it.
4. Claire catches it.
5. Debra catches another cold.
6. Claire begins waking up daily at 5:30am for no reason at all.
7. Claire catches a strange flu-bug that's been going around like wildfire. Barfs in her little sleep.
8. Debra recovers from second cold and breaths a sigh of relief.
9. Debra catches Claire's flu-bug and barfs all over the bathroom.
(9a). Tyler helps Debra clean up the barf from all over the bathroom and only gags once. True love? Sheer awesomeness? Some combination of both, I submit.
10. Despite Tyler's getting up with Claire at 5:30am all the time, Debra still can't sleep and begins acting like crazy sleep-deprived Debra.
11. Debra catches cold #3.

This morning, like a little miracle, Claire sleeps until 7:03am. Debra feels good. Claire feels good. Tyler is feeling...extremely nauseated. Has 4 classes to teach today. Debra tells him to keep a wastebasket handy and to call her if he needs help cleaning up.

I will never use "I've still got my health" to imply that I don't have much.


  1. This sounds horrible! Hope your whole family gets better soon!!

  2. Oh gosh! Sounds like our house this past month. I pray you get over it fast as I hate being sick and I hate being sick and taking care of sick kids! Get better soon!

  3. Okay, I haven't been on your blog in way too long and I just saw that you're pregnant -- CONGRATS!!! Man, I need to get on here more often because you crack me up. Hope you guys are kicking those bugs. I hate flu/cold season. With. A. Passion.


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