A while back I got curious about all the "I should..." things that flit through my mind at any given point in the day, every day. I told myself, I'm not going to beat myself up, I'm not going to start and then not finish, I'm just going to start writing them down.

So for a while, faithfully, if there was a flit, it went into my notebook (which, long ago, also started as an "I should carry around a small notebook to organize my thoughts" flit...success!).

Here's the list I came across as I was purging my notebook:

- Write a book (I have two book ideas which I will closely guard so as to avoid copyright infringment. JK. It's really my deep insecurities which keep me from sharing w/the world)
- Put together an awesome career book for my kids so they can start thinking early about what they want to do with their lives
- Learn more about social psychology so as to impress my husband with my vast knowledge about his chosen profession
- Volunteer with the Florida Guardian ad Litem program (basically be a child's legal advocate)
- Learn to sew (hee. Can barely say that with a straight face).
- Become a certified mediator.
- Learn more about probate, contract and business law.
- Take the Utah bar.
- Write curriculum for a class on the practical aspects of law practice.
- Record some songs I've written and send them to a couple of my prestigious contacts (by a couple I mean one, and by contact I mean can barely be called a contact).
- Learn French so my husband and I can engage in beautiful-sounding gossip.
- Learn Spanish because holy useful language to know, I think.
- Lose 20 pounds. Ah, the evergreen goal. This one never goes out of style.
- Write more short stories. Get them published.
- Daily scriptures.
- Daily journal.

Looking at this list, I know one thing: I can't possibly lovingly raise my child, have a clean kitchen and organized closets, have a new baby, nurture a marriage, perform my church calling, sleep 9 hours (do not judge me), and get some extremely-important-to-me down-time (on a daily basis, people. I need it) and do all this stuff over the next 5 years.

So my new goal is: become super down to earth, good-humored, authentic sort of person who totally gets that she only has two arms, two legs, and 24 hours in a day and something has got to give. For now, it will be...almost my entire list.


  1. I have no problem doing everything flawlessly...I don't know why you can't. Hmmmm I must have gotten all the efficiently perfect genes. Too bad.

  2. Love love LOVE this!
    I don't think it's about setting yourself up for failure, it's about truly accepting happiness in having and accomplishing less, while BEING more.

  3. I love your list! I think half of them are on my list! I keep thinking that someday I will accomplish something on that list. But, I am satisfied just having a list!

  4. check out my list on my bolg of things to make your life better, it much more do-able....

  5. You should add "call Leah Marie" to the list. Its super easy, you can do it while giving Claire attention, and then you can totally put a check mark by something on the list indicating its completion.


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