Off we go.

To Claire's part-time home. She knows right where to go. Where she plays and snacks and naps until 2:30, when mom picks her up.

Walking away from this window view is my least favorite part of Tuesdays and Fridays. But looking in before I pick her up every day is the best.

I do not like taking my girl to daycare. But until I'm home full time, I'm very glad I take her to this one. I am grateful for this place full of good-hearted ladies who really like my girl.

I like being a lawyer. And of course it's nice to get away time, to sit in an office and talk to adults.

But I love being this girl's mother.

(Pay no attention to the double chin).


  1. Being a mom is the best, hardest thing ever! I love that little girl :)

  2. Claire is so precious! I love the picture of her in her car seat checking out what is going on in the street. I miss you guys - when do we get to see you again? Do you have the dates/trip planned?

  3. We're working on getting a trip planned. Hopefully we'll have something set soon!

  4. didnt even notice the double chin!!! I too agree it is so hard leaving them... love your blog, I worked at R.C Willey through all 3 pregnancies and its hard to get dressed up when your pregnant, on the other hand saying home is hard too... hang in there its all good.


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