Remember St. Pattys Angrily on your Neighborhood Walk

Is it really St. Patty's? Thank heaven I have green in my eyes because I have no memory anymore. And I'm not wearing green. But anyone who pinches me can expect a really dirty look.

My Brain is Missing
Seriously, I have no memory. I can't find my keys. This is after I was holding them and I put them down somewhere and then like magic, pfft, they disappeared into thin air, and they are somewhere in the house and I don't know where. Tyler said I'm carrying the baby in my brain. And a really smart response would have been something like, "oh yeah? Well lucky you, you get to carry your baby in your wife!" But instead I thought of it a week later because I am carrying the baby in my brain.

The Beatles Gave Me an A
I am also carrying deep, righteous anger along with this baby. Mostly I feel it when I'm behind the wheel of my car. I've started grading myself lately for my temper on the road and mostly I get Fs, and a few C-s. But this morning I got into one lane thinking it would go faster and then the car in the lane next to me made it one mile before I took my foot off the break. Just the kind of thing that would have reduced me to a hot lava of frustration and contempt for all other drivers on the road. However, that very moment I was listening to Paul McCartney sing "Let it Be," and I got an A. Thanks, Paul. (And John).

Neighborhood Nemesis
Finally, you may not remember me talking about this guy. Well, Saturday Miss Claire and I took a morning walk. Lately she has taken to saying "hi" to everyone, several times, even after they have said it back. She wants to have a conversation so badly. Anyway, I hated the idea of him rejecting my daughter, but I was like, "this is our neighborhood too so I'm taking her on a walk." Long and short, he strode toward us like he always does, staring straight ahead without so much as a smile or nod. Only this time, when she tooted her little "hi!" I heard a clipped, businesslike "hi" back. Then she stopped and watched him pass us and shouted another clear, bell-like little "hi!" And again, I heard "hi." Then she stood in the middle of the road and yelled another "hi!" at his back. And a third time I heard a terse, distinct "hi." I laughed in my shock, scooped her up and walked quickly the other way in my effort to leave this interaction on a high note.

Sweet little girl! I still don't like you, angry guy, but thanks for being nice to my daughter.


  1. I don't think it ever comes back either-- sadly. Or maybe I've forgetten how to use it anymore.

  2. I remember reading about that guy! Wow! I'm glad he said hi. Claire really is irresistible!

  3. Maybe that guy eats cute babies for breakfast, you should never go outside again.


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