her mother birthed her

Today is my wife's birthday. I am glad her mother birthed her. Let us take a moment and reflect on Debra:

* She has a gift for putting words together. She speaks in complete sentences and has a knack for putting complex thoughts and feelings into words. She also finds a way to spell things they way people SAY them.

* She is an intense TV watcher. There is no question where she stands with regards to the contestants of Survivor, Top Chef, American Idol, or Tool Academy.

* My wife really loves to sleep, and she really needs a lot of sleep. Every day she could go home after work and take a nap because her daughter is in daycare. She never does. She always picks up Claire instead of taking a much-needed nap because she loves being Claire's mother.

* Just kidding about Tool Academy.

* She always finds something wrong with attractive and/or rich men, just to make me feel good. For instance, she pretends to think Josh Duhamel is unattractive. I'm not buying it honey, but thank you anyway.

* She loves comfort. She will NOT stand to live in uncomfortable surroundings, which is good because now I live in comfort. Thanks Babe!


  1. I need to be better about remembering people's birthdays. I mean, after all, your birthday falls a day before our anniversary! Hope you had a good one! Tyler--- are you sure you are joking about Tool Academy? I sort of bought it... only for a second. :)

  2. Tyler, it is good that you recognize how far you married up. My sister is amazing and every human being on Earth should bow down to her (and Nic, and me, because, honestly, we are the best.)

  3. Happy Birthday! What a sweet note from your love. You really are a dreamboat.


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