It's a Miracle

So I popped a little Barry Manilow Greatest Hits on my CD player at work. (Anyone that thinks they're all rebellious and non-conformist for liking Nine Inch Nails, try admitting to the world that you love Barry Manilow. THAT is true bravery).

There's this awesome disco-y up-tempo song titled "Miracle" that just played. It made me remember when I was a reluctant inhabitant of the dating scene. Sisters getting married, having babies, me wondering why finding true love seemed like rocket science to me.

And to make me feel better, Nicalee and Kristine (sissies) always used to (1) reassure me that I was being silly and when it was right it would happen and (2) promise that at my wedding reception they were going to jump on the tables, wave their arms side to side and sing Barry Manilow's "Miracle" at the top of their lungs.

Sisters are awesome.

And Barry Manilow is awesome. I am an authority, since I sat on the 5th row of his Las Vegas show and he totally would have brought one of us up on stage to sing with him if freaking Suzanne Somers hadn't been visiting and stolen the "bring someone up from the audience" segment.


  1. I hate that Somers b*%#@! We totally didn't sing that on the tables at your wedding reception! We are looooossssers. It wasn't a miracle that you got married, it was sheer awesomeness. P.S. Did I tell you that Rob wants to name a baby boy, should we ever have one, Awesome? How you doin', I'm awesome...get the idea? Seriously.

  2. I love Barry Manilow's Copacabana. I could hear it at any time of the day and it would make me happy and I would probably sing along with it as loudly as I could (not to mention dancing along).

  3. Whatever Deb, we were so out of control that we SCARED Barry...he would have never had us come up...we were obnoxious!!!


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