Dare I Say It?

I think we sold our house.

This, on a street where our neighbors had their house on the market for over a year with nary an offer.

We weren't even going to attempt to sell it. We were going to hire property managers and rent it. But after a fight with my sister, heart to hearts with my father-in-law and my mom/dad, we decided to give it a college try on the off-chance that yet another incredible blessing would fall out of the sky.

The very first day we put the house on the market we got a call from our agent, who asked us if we were sitting down.

And since April 25th, offer in hand, we have been waiting, waiting: for the homebuyer tax credit to expire (so then buyer would be in our clutches), the home inspection to clear, the appraisal to clear, waiting for the boat to rock, waiting for bad news. Now we are miraculously three weeks from closing with no hiccups in sight. Thus far.

House, you have been so good to us.

But it must be said. We are just so glad to be rid of you.


  1. Oh i hope it is so! fantastic. xoxo

  2. I am so glad that you are rid of that fine, in a forsaken place, house too!! Thank you for manna from Heaven!


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