Her latest thing in her never-ending quest for adulthood is the friendly conversation. Yesterday she said,

"Hi, Mommy, how ah yew?"

To which I responded,

"Good, Claire! How are you?"

To which she responded,

"Good." Then went about her merry business.

Another random fact: loves to have articles of clothing on her head. I imagine she feels more secure that way, and more importantly, quite pretty.

The other thing she likes to do is give us things. Pretty much everything she doesn't want anymore simply must not be put down like the peasants do. No no, one of her loyal subjects (mommy or daddy) must properly dispose of it.

And after she exercises her royal right to hand us things, she offers a quick, cursory "sanks."

If she's grown up enough to have a single ponytail, she is grown up to have excellent manners. Which she does.

She is not, however, too grown to sleep without one of her three precious fuzzies.


  1. She is adorable!!! So pretty!!

  2. That is kind of deliciously quirky that she loves articles of clothing on her head! I love it when kids start being their own little people and not just a yummy bag of needs!

  3. Bag of needs sounds about right. So does yummy.


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