Life's a Beach

Since I last posted we have (A) taken the girl to the beach, (B) taken the girl to Disneyworld, and (C) I have read all kinds of really simplistic, off-the-mark, insulting things about Mormonism. For now I'm just going to post about (A).

About (C), I will say only "ouch." (About (B), pics forthcoming).

I used Paint to edit this little photo because this is a family blog.

Belly shot. Also, a good shot of the girl's beautiful little face and dark button eyes.

Man, oh man, does she love "the beeech!"

She also loves blowing bubbles with daddy.

Her hair is getting so long.

And every day lately it's something new. Thank you (sake oo), thanks, (sakes), see ya, hold you, honey, on and on and on, words we never even thought about teaching her and had no idea she was even listening to. It's absolutely delish to share these moments with each other.


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