Cleansing the palate

Moving on from the last post, thankfully.

These pictures make me happy. Our Disneyworld trip.

This is just swimming in the hotel pool! She thought she'd died and gone to heaven.

Riding the Astro Orbiter. A bit wilder than expected, although Claire was rather "whatev" about it. Until it was time to get off. Then the world was shown her displeasure.

The biggest hit of the day, the teacups. Went on it twice. And we were heroes.

She was entranced with It's a Small World. Insisted, insisted on sitting on the bench like an adult, on my left side. Didn't matter that the right side had a lot to see. The left, the left. It had to be the left.

And this is what happens when mom and dad have the unmitigated gall to remove her from her chosen vantage point. Never you fear. We were properly disciplined.


  1. That's my idea of a good time!! You guys look really happy!

  2. That picture of Claire's face on It's a Small World (which is my favorite ride in disney history!!) is ADORABLE!!! She is such a sweet little thing. I love that little girl. It's about time you guys took her to DisneyWorld!!!

  3. It looks like it was a fun day for Claire! I wish you were living in Florida for five more years, so that we could come out to Disneyworld. You are so selfish.


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