Indulge me in a brief moment of intense negativity

I am irritated. All the time. And you never know what it will be over.

It could have something to do with this.
Yes, I am posting a picture where I don't look half bad. I will disclose that so it won't be like "Eee, I'm so ugly!" but really I'm trying to say "My ugly is actually not bad so that means I'm really very pretty!" Because those kinds of games really bug me.

One of many things that bug me right now.

Other things that I want to put out in the world:

1. Oprah is not a prophet.
2. The earth is not God.
3. Denial does not equal optimism.
4. Grieving or raging or verbalizing negative things does not automatically equal pessimism.
5. Passive-aggression is cowardly and lazy.
6. Mormons make up less than 2% of the California population, so we are not the reason that the majority of voting Californians put Prop 8 through.
7. Being conservative does not mean that you don't care about people. Please, 5th grade mentality.
8. I love cheese.

Just trying to end this on a positive note.

Edited to erase the reeeeally negative stuff. And also to say, wow. Irritable.


  1. you say some pretty good truths. truly.

  2. Couldn't agree more and I LOVE cheese too.

  3. AMEN sister! I'm smiling and giggling and I think I will sleep better having read your blog!


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