Tallahassee No More

I can't believe we're leaving Tallahassee in little over a month.

It is the land of mosquitoes, roaches, fire ants, carpenter bees, squirrels (marginally better looking rats), possums (huge rats), gnats, and greenery that, if unchecked, would grow fast enough to choke you to death like in some horror movie.

I cried my way through the bar exam here. Cried my way through being an attorney here. Took walks in crippling, life-sucking humidity.

I got to be a new wife here. And I got to be a new mother here.

It has been a place of great happiness for me and my little family. And I swear that once we leave, I will shake the dust of this town off my feet and never look back, not once. Ever.


  1. You forgot to mention the idiot drivers and, the impossible to understand, fast food drive thru workers. I hate them all. Amen and Amen, good riddance land of Satan!

  2. Can I add an Amen. When Kevin was job searching, one of my big criteria was "Not in Florida" (though he did apply for some jobs in Florida, we really needed the work). After five years, I was ready to leave the bugs and humidity, as well as other things. Does that mean that Florida is a bad place to live...No, it just isn't the place for me. Watch, now the Air Force will send us back to Florida since I said this.


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