The approaching storm

This one has been the light of our eyes and the center of our universe for one year and 10 months.
And she is in for it in about a week, at which point she will be pushed from her throne with no idea what's going on.

It makes me think a lot about blessings. You know, that annoying habit they sometimes have of looking like terrible things at first? Claire will have no idea she's just gained a lifelong friend. She won't know for a long time the value of a sister. But I know. And I know she's just got to learn for herself how lucky she really is.

I think about all the time I had to wait for Tyler without knowing I was waiting for Tyler.

Or the stress and anxiety we experienced over the last year and a half about jobs (or lack thereof), to end up close to family, at a great school in a great town, with a great opportunity. At least for a year. And we'll take it!

Life is a complicated, intricate mystery that I totally believe is guided with great purpose.

And this guy is working so hard right now. Reading everything under the sun, poring over his lectures and syllibi, analyzing data, revising papers, pursuing grant money, and on and on. I'm looking forward to seeing what he will accomplish.