Claire loves Caroline. It is a total joy to see. She coos "so ceeuuuuute" and laughs and insists on giving her endless kisses right on the mouth. When Caroline cries (which is any time she's awake and not being held) Claire says in her best adult voice, "come 'ere...."

Or, if Claire is in the other room and Caroline cries, Claire takes off, as fast as her chubby little legs will carry her, yelling "I coming, Cehline!"

However, she is a bit rough without knowing it. For some reason I think of Ghostbusters, that awful voice at the end growling, "choose the form of your destructor..." and Dan Akroyd thinks of the soft, smiley Stay Puft Marshmallow guy, thinking it could not possibly harm anyone.

Yet, the soft, smiley Stay Puft guy stomps through the streets of New York, destroying everything in its wake with a cute little smile on its face.

Every time Claire climbs up on the couch to begin loving her little sister, I think, "choose the form of your destructor."

Here are some pics of us enjoying the 24th of July parade on Cedar City's Main Street.

Caroline was transfixed.


  1. At least Caroline was not crying, I prefer transfixed. And incidentally Claire could never be as scary as that possessed marshmallow man, his face turns wicked mean when he starts stomping on people, and he growls. MY Claire could never be that evil!!!!!

  2. she looks quite interested. Of course... if you turned the carrier TOWARD the parade... :)

    That's an apt analogy--marshmallow man=loving toddler siblings loving on new baby. We have a lot of that at our house. Except with 4 older sisters it gets quite loud and scary and circus-like for baby Hazel, I think.

  3. Nicalee, ANY two year old could turn into that evil marshmellow!!! Although, Claire is very smart and would choose not to.
    The parade looks cute :)

  4. What a sweet sister. I think I would like your girls lots and lots. Even with the crying.


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