This girl

This is where Miss Caroline is happy.

It is the only place where she is happy.

However, last night she slept her first six hour stretch. Blessed little sleeper. She's a lot more predictable than Claire was.

And while her sister may make other places slightly more tolerable, let us not forget...

Only place. Truly happy.

Give me strength.


  1. oh your girls are just beautiful!!! and in a few months you'll wish she would let you hold her this much again. ok maybe not. I'm glad you made it to Utah safe and sound!! Good luck in Cedar.

  2. My second was so like that, too! It got better after the first year...good luck and remember--it's OK to let her cry if you need a shower or other necessities! She and Clair are so cute! You have a beautiful fam, Deborah!

  3. Two quotes for you to choose from as to the appropriateness of the wee ones growing up:

    1) "This too shall pass."
    2) "So it begins..."

    Beautiful children--but they do come from good stock. Well I remember those first six-hour sleeps at the same time we wanted to sleep for an extended period. Funny, though, how some time later you'll look back and wish they were that little (and immobile and relatively quiet).

  4. I am glad Claire loves Caroline. They are so cute! Cedar city looks so charming! Chloe wanted to be ehld a lot when she was little. I just learned to do everything one handed. Once they can sit on your hip, you can pretty much do anything.

  5. You are so pretty :)
    I Love Caroline's full lips, gorgeous they are...say that last part in the yoda voice, okay?

  6. She just wants to be close to you because you're so awesome. It sounds like a compliment to me. And you are all lovely!


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