Well, well!

I have been surviving. And crying a lot.

The girls have been surviving. And crying a lot.

A friend told me that two children is four times the work of having one. I AGREE.

Here are some pictures to reassure you that we are all alive and still smiling here and there.

In conclusion, I need to take more pictures.


  1. Your life looks so happy! I love the pictures of the slide, super cute.

  2. A gorgeous little family! It's so good to see pictures of your life! I'm glad things are going fairly well there for you.

  3. So fun! Are you in Utah yet? We are going down to the St. George area at the beginning of October. Not sure if that's even close, but would love to see you sometime with your little family! (BTW, you look great!)

  4. yes more pictures. Me too. I am so bad about remembering the camera and the camcorder (which is now stolen so I need to replace it since I use it so much). Oh brother. but what I really meant to say is WOW you look great!! and I cry a lot too. probably for different reasons, but hang in there. I think 2 is harder than 3 just so you know.

  5. hopefully eventually they play, right? and get out of your hair? (the secret is eventually they DO... and get out of your hair...)

    I'm very comforted by something my mom says: right now is the most intense stage of parenting. (not the hardest... I guess that's what teenage girls are for. But the most intense, time-and-attention wise.)

    Sometimes I feel like all I did in a day is be a lap. To sit in. Which is why husbands are for doing dishes and folding laundry.


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